The Ultimate Wealth and Freedom Experience Powered by Mobile CPA and AMPS June 10-11-12 | Bonus Mastermind Day before the event (June 9th)

A Once In A Lifetime, Invitation-Only Opportunity To Join Jordon and his team of Affiliates in A Closed Door, Hands-On Workshop Where We Will Build Campaigns, MAstermind and Transform your Life!

Event Location and Hotel Booking Information Will be released soon.

June 10-11-12 | Bonus Mastermind Day before the event (June 9th) - 26th

Full Tuition: $2997 Wealth and Freedom Experience General Admission - $3997 Wealth and Freedom Experience VIP Admission

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Imagine the experience of sitting down with Jordon, having landing pages, offers and traffic sources served to you on a silver spoon. In a few hours of working in the morning of day one, you will have alreadly launched a profitable mobile CPA Campaign. What would it feel like to have a five figure mobile CPA launch at this live event? How about 10 consecutive profitable campaigns generating free traffic and profits for you so you can change your life? Can you even begin to fathom creating a a hands-free profitable money machine in a few hours in the same room as Jordon, being led by his hand? - a 7 Figure mobile marketing business that you start with your credit card and a few hundred dollars.

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Setup and Launch

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We will pass out cherry picked, red-hot landing pages, setup files and affiliate offers. You'll create your very own profitable campaign LIVE at the The Ultimate Wealth and Freedom Experience. Then we will hit GO and your traffic will flood in, and you will make money live!



How To Optimize your Campaings Make More Money

Discover the incredible impact of instantly making your campaings pump out more profit. The days of losing money on your Mobile CPA campaigns are over. When you choose the right traffic sources, you're able to create more profit, creating a more powerful business, and .



How To Scale and Grow your business BECOME A SUPER AFFILIATE™

Money is life. The biggest part of making money is scaling you're campaings to more countries and verticles. Master scaling is easy when you have the simple blueprint. Jordon will take you by the hand and you will scale at the event. You will leave with a full business that's making money. We will also explore investment strategies to help you protect and grow your Mobile CPA Profits. We will sit down with you one-on-one on day three and help you with any challenges you may have.